Custom Inquiries

Thank you so much for your interest in a custom piece! I am so honored and excited to work with you to create something that is both beautiful and meaningful.   Custom work is a new and exciting territory for me and I am working to develop a system that makes it as easy as possible for everyone involved!  Below is a custom questionnaire to get the process started! The more info you can include the better!

Name *
Please include anything about this person's style/ lifestyle that would help to determine the best design for them!
Custom projects tend to take a lot of time and communication! Due to my production schedule I am only able to take on a select number of custom projects per year. Once the design is determined, it generally takes 3- 8 weeks for a custom piece to be completed. When I have an idea of your timetable I can let you know how it might fit into my schedule!
If you happen to have a family diamond or gemstone we can absolutely chat about how to incorporate it into a custom piece! I have a small inventory of gemstones that are available for custom projects, but these do not include larger white diamonds at this time. Some of my favorite stones to work with are : Sapphire (comes in a variety of colors!), Raw Diamonds, Oregon Sunstone & Tourmaline.
This helps me immensely to get an idea of the style you are looking for! Including pictures, sketches or clear descriptions of what you envision for your piece will help to cut down on both time and cost Pinterest is one of the best ways to gather ideas and inspiration! Please attach link to your Pinterest board below! (Keep in mind that you can change a board's settings to private so it is only visible to you and those you share it with!)
I know, I know, this is the least fun part! ;) But a budget will really help me to steer you in a direction of what is possible, and will also help you to plan ahead if you need to save up some cash!
If you are unsure of the size you need, you should be able to walk into any jewelry store that carries rings and ask to use their ring sizer! If this is a surprise, and you can't bring a person to have their finger measured I would recommend stealing one of their rings for a day (one that is worn on the ring finger specifically!) and having it measured. Its important to get the ring size right the first time so you can avoid having to alter the ring later!
In conjunction with deciding on a budget it can be useful to research what type of metal you would like to work with. I am most comfortable with 14k yellow gold and sterling silver and am also open to white gold, (although I've worked with it less.) I do not currently work in platinum, titanium or palladium. If you like the look of yellow gold, but want to keep the budget down, there is always the option of two-tone! (For example, you could combine a sterling silver ring band with a yellow gold stone setting.)

Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

xx- Claire